Center for Training Transportation Professionals

About CTTP
Frances Griffith, UA- Fayetteville Administrator of CTTP Program for Contractors

Dorothy Rhodes, Administrator of CTTP Program for AHTD Personnel

In accordance with Commission Minute Order Number 96-127, July 17, 1996, this agreement is made by and between the Arkansas Highway Commission or its designated representative, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department., and the Board of Trustees, University of Arkansas for the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Mack-Blackwell National Rural Transportation Study Center. This Agreement is to establish the Center for Training Transportation Professionals. The CTTP will permit the Department to sponsor and the Center to conduct a Transportation Training and Certification Program to provide qualified and certified technicians for quality control sampling and testing for acceptance as required by the Department’s current Standard Specifications for Highway Construction.

23 CFR 637(Policy)

"Each [State highway agency] shall develop a quality assurance program which will assure that the materials and workmanship incorporated into each Federal-aid highway construction project on the [National Highway System] are in conformity with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications..."

"After June 29, 2000, all sampling and testing data to be used in the acceptance decision or the [independent assurance] program shall be executed by qualified sampling and testing personnel."

"states are encouraged to require contractors to perform their own process control tests".

The Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, Edition of 1996, requires that acceptance testing of materials be performed by a qualified technician. AHTD has contracted with the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville to conduct training for qualification of technicians at its Mack-Blackwell Transportation Center (MBTC).



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