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Help Using This Web Site

This web page will serve as a guide to using the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) web site so that your experience with us will be the very best it possibly can. At any point during your visit with us, if you have any questions or encounter any problems while browsing, please feel free to contact Webmaster@ardot.gov for help.     

Browser Requirements

During your visit, you may be offered content in different formats, such as downloadable documentation and forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat files. These file types do require the appropriate software to view once downloaded, such as the Adobe Acrobat reader or Microsoft Word. The ARDOT web site is best when viewed with the latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

The ARDOT web site is platform independent and will work on any operating system using the latest internet web browsers. The ARDOT web site has been optimized for use with Internet Explorer, using other Browsers may render somewhat different.

Monitor / Screen Resolution Recommendations

The ARDOT web site was developed for screens sized at 1024 x 768. The graphical layout, text, images and links comprising the web site are viewed best at this screen size or larger, though it is not required to view the web site. If the layout of a page on this web site causes you to scroll horizontally to see the entire contents of a page as you browse, you may consider changing your screen dimensions to a larger setting, such as 1024 x 768.

The graphical elements and hexadecimal colors used on the web site are best viewed with your computer monitor's color settings configured to display in the millions of colors. Though this is not required, it is recommended for the best possible browsing experience. A lower setting, such as 256 colors, will not alter the way the web site is displayed though it may result in detailed graphics such as photographs to appear distorted.

To change your computer's screen dimensions, color settings and resolution, please see your operating system's user documentation.

Internet Connection Recommendations

The ARDOT web site is designed to load on any type of internet connection. A dial-up internet connection of 56k will work well to load pages, images, links and text, but if you wish to access some of the more interactive features of the web site, such as, video files, larger documents, a broadband internet connection is recommended.   

Browsing Tips and Hints

The ARDOT web site is divided with a main dropdown navigational bar on each web page for easy navigation throughout the web site.

You may provide comment to: Webmaster@ardot.gov


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