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The Administration oversees and manages operations of the Human Resources Division to effectively aid employees in all aspects of their employment, as well as respond to personnel issues and problems. Phone: (501) 569-2296

The Personnel Section of the Human Resources Division is responsible for all aspects of aiding internal and external applicants in their job search, and maintaining personnel records. The Section also produces handbooks and manuals relating to employment practices and policies. Phone: (501) 569-2457

Records Management
The Records Management Section of the Human Resources Division is responsible for copying, storing, and retrieving active and inactive Department records, including personnel, county maintenance, and construction job files. Phone: (501) 569-2449

Mail and Supply
The Mail and Supply Section of the Human Resources Division is accountable for the daily sorting, posting, collecting, and distributing of Department mail. In addition, the Section is in charge of the requisition, stocking, and issuance of all office supplies. Phone: (501) 569-2395

Workforce Development, Health and Safety
The Training and Safety Section is responsible for providing educational training and safety information to Department employees. Phone: (501) 569-2236





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